HSIE – Economics


This course is designed for students who have studied Mandatory History, Mandatory Geography and/or one of the HSIE electives (including Commerce) in Stage 5.


The aim of Economics Stage 6 is to develop students’ knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes for effective economic thinking that contributes to socially responsible, competent economic decision-making in a changing economy

Economics provides an understanding for students about many aspects of the economy and its operation that are frequently reported in the media. It investigates issues such as why unemployment or inflation rates change and how these changes will impact on individuals in society. Economics develops students’ knowledge and understanding of the operation of the global and Australian economy. It develops the analytical, problem-solving and communication skills of students. There is a strong emphasis on the problems and issues in a contemporary Australian economic context within the course.

Preliminary Course

  • Introduction to Economics 
  • Consumers and Business
  • Markets
  • Labour Markets
  • Financial Markets
  • Government in the Economy
  • The Global Economy
  • Australia’s Place in the Global Economy
  • Economic Issues
  • Employment Relations